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Algiz helps organizations secure their sensitive data by tightly integrating with cloud storage provider APIs. Its native data cataloging capability allows your organization to see what kind of data you retain and how they are being shared.

Data Catalog

Wherever your data is

Algiz integrates easily with well-known cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Amazon S3 to protect your data wherever it resides.

Data catalog

Algiz generates a data catalog for you, highlighting what kind of data you hold on your customers and employees, as well as how they are being shared to prevent accidental leaks.

Custom detectors

Ability to write and use your own custom detectors makes it easy to meet your organization's unique data protection needs.

Continuous scanning

From the moment you turn on an integration, Algiz continuously scans all documents and changes to those documents for PII data within a given cloud storage provider.


You can send alerts whenever someone shares data that they shouldn't. Currently, only Slack channel alerting is supported but new alerting options are coming soon!


With strong API integration, you can take action to protect your organization's data without ever leaving the Algiz dashboard.

ℹ Actions are under active development. First iteration for Google Drive integration will be released very soon.